RefTracker Help System


The Altarama RefTracker system has been purpose built to improve service and efficiency for information delivery organisations such as libraries, museums, galleries and archives that handle research requests - it provides a comprehensive ask-a-librarian interface; accepts requests such as reference, local history, and complaints, and manages the response process; it maintains a knowledge database of reusable answers; and gathers rich statistics about the library's request handling operations.

RefTracker is supplied with different distribution parameters such as screen colours and logo's and can be configured by each organisation for their needs and the needs of their individual users. This help system, in conjunction with its associated training courses describes the full RefTracker functionality.

For simplicity the documentation may refer to your organisation as a library and the staff that send responses as librarians or reference staff, even though you may be another type of organisation or be using it for another purpose.

More about RefTracker functionality - To view a copy of the latest RefTracker product overview, describing the full features of the product, download the RefTracker product brochure.