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Dynamic lookups module usage and setup manual: 
As at release 3.3.3 
(last updated 31 March 2017)


Who should use this manual?
RefTracker Dynamic lookups module is an optional RefTracker module. This document is only applicable to organisations that have purchased that module, and provides information for all levels of users of its functionality:

  • RefTracker operators who use the Lookup functionality set up using this module
  • System administrators implementing Lookup functionality in RefTracker Request forms
  • the IT staff (Database administrators) who are setting up the database connections required to implement this functionality 


Customer IT staff, who are simply involved with setting up databases can read this document as a stand-alone document.

System administrators should already have completed the RefTracker Client, Staff, Supervisor and Administrator training courses.

RefTracker operators only need to read to the end of the section entitled "Using a Request form with Lookups defined in it", but should already have completed the RefTracker Client, and Staff training before reading this section.

Where to obtain updated versions of this manual?

As new versions of RefTracker are released, updated versions of this manual, and all RefTracker training courses, are made available on the RefTracker support site at:

If you would like to make a comment about how we can improve the next version of this manual, please send your comment to

Where to obtain assistance in relation to RefTracker?

A web site especially for RefTracker System Administrators is provided at the following address. At this site you can always obtain the latest information about RefTracker.

Use this site to:

  • obtain contact details for assistance
  • log support calls through our call tracking system
  • look up our support knowledge base
  • view our page of hints and tips
  • check the latest release and its new features
  • obtain copies of the latest RefTracker brochures and presentations
  • obtain copies of our latest installation and upgrade instructions
  • download the latest software patches and training courses
  • access our development system to see new features coming in the next release, and examples of Request forms and code table values used by other libraries

For additional assistance contact Altarama:
Phone: +61 2 9974 2500 Sydney, Australia+1 888 982 9997 Utah, USA