Reallocation analysis provides a review of the use of the reallocate screen during the selected period, and in the selected staff location/s.

A record is provided in this report for every time that the Reallocation function has been used in that period – so initial allocations made on arrival or entry of a question are not included – only where the Reallocate function has been specifically used to change the allocation of a question.

System administrators and Supervisors will find this new under System>Statistics>Reallocation analysis report.  Parameters allow you to choose to report on just questions for a specific staff location (or all locations), and on the reallocations for questions that arrived in the selected time period.

Managers will use this report to detect questions that are being bounced between staff or staff locations, to detect workflows that are happening regularly, where delays are occurring, and to be able to see why questions are being reallocated (because the report handily includes the Reallocation note!).

Here’s an example of the report showing one question that has had several reallocations.  The Notes column shows why the question is bouncing around, the Staff location column shows how questions are being passed between your staff teams, and the Reallocate column allows the time spent with each staff member to be easily judged.

The system will remember the parameters you used for this report last time, and will present those results on initial display next time you use this report.  This makes rerunning reports for different time periods very easy.

When using this report:

  • Options to show the records for "This month", "Last month", "Today" and "Yesterday" are provided, along with the Selected date option that allows any date range to be selected.
    This report may appear to be slow to run as it reviews all of the History records in your system.  It reports on all questions received in your selected period so, no matter what period you choose, you will see ALL Reallocations for the questions that arrived in that period, no matter when the Reallocations occurred.  For this reason, we recommend that you choose shorter periods when running this report - as the next time you choose to use this report it is automatically going to show you the results for the same period that you selected last time. 
  • The Question column displays the same sort of question summary used in the Open questions screen, that includes client contact details. 
  • The default sort order is by question number as that is the most logical sort order, but you can create other orders by clicking the column headings. 
  • The number of records shown in a page can be controlled using the Page navigation controls at the bottom of the screen.  


The [Export] options present the question and answer information in the same Export (Excel spreadsheet) format used for RefTracker Data exports.  As with all other similar reports, additional information is provided if the Export to Excel function is used – Item summary and client contact details are added.  Your System administrator can prevent the Client contact details from being included by denying that Function for that user.