Logging on


Whenever you begin a new session of RefTracker, you will be asked to log on. Before allowing access to its staff pages RefTracker checks that the user is logged on, and that the user's permission level is appropriate for access to the requested page. The log on page is displayed if a staff user wants access and is not already logged on in that browser session.  Some systems are set up to use the staff member's network log on, or a cookie, to automatically log them in without this screen showing - users who have been automatically logged in will see a Welcome message that explains options for managing the cookie that controls autologon, and how to log on as a different user.

To log on, enter your user name and password in the boxes provided and click on the Login button. User names are not case sensitive, but passwords are case sensitive. See your RefTracker system supervisor or administrator if you do not have a valid user name or password.  If this page contains a "Remember me on this computer" tick box, ticking it will create a cookie specific to the computer and browser that you are using, that will log you in in future without having to complete this screen.  Note the security warning about not using this function on shared computers!

A RefTracker session begins by logging on, and ends when you log off. A log off link is provided in the header of every RefTracker page. Please remember to use it in order to protect the privacy of the information in the RefTracker database, and in order to free up RefTracker licences for others to use.

If you have been shown this screen unexpectedly. . .
If a system or network error occurs, if your session times out, or if your System administrator has ended your session, you might be shown this screen (or the autologon welcome message), when you weren't expecting to see it. If you are seeing this screen (or the autologo welcome message) in such an unexpected circumstance, your RefTracker session has been terminated in some way. If the session has been ended by RefTracker, the login screen will tell you why it has appeared. If it does not specifically say that the information that you just entered has been saved, when you log back in you should check the History screen for the question you were working with, and redo any actions that were not successful completed at the time your session was unexpectedly terminated.

What happens when there are no more licences or sessions available
If insufficient licences are available to allow you to log in, or if you are already using the number of sessions you are allowed (Full users are allowed 2 and ServicePoint users are allowed 1) you will be shown a message to that effect.

If all your sessions are in use (e.g. you accidentally closed the browser window running RefTracker without logging off, or the Internet went down) you will be offered a Manage current sessions link. Clicking on this link will present a screen that shows all of the logged on user's own sessions, and allows them to end them. The login screen can then be used to successfully login.

When System Administrators use the Manage current sessions link they are shown all current sessions and can end any sessions. Even if all licences and sessions are in use, System administrators can always access this screen to free up licences.

If you are a Full user, and all reference licences are in use, but ServicePoint user licences are available, you will be offered the option to log in with only ServicePoint user functionality. ServicePoint user functionality will allow you to search the knowledge database, enter new questions and work on questions, and so may well allow you to do the work that you had planned to do. Your System administrator may be able to advise you when a licence becomes available, at which time you should log off and log back in as a Full user.

If you are the Active System administrator for your system you will be advised by email whenever an instance of insufficient licences occurs. The email provides the opportunity to Manage sessions, which will show you all signons currently in use together with information about the last activity by each signed on user, so that inactive users can be logged off to free up licences, or so that you can contact your RefTracker supplier in order to obtain additional licences.