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Using the Comment Request form for feedback

The response email can include an option for clients to complete a survey form in relation to the response and service they received.  This system presents the Comment form (key=comment, customised to meet your needs) with the related question number already inserted in the Question field.  This means that feedback received this way results in a separate question being created in RefTracker to record the comments that the client provides, but the advantage is that the form can be configured to ask whatever questions you want to specifically ask in relation to their satisfaction with the response they received - such as "How much time did the research that the library provided for you, save you.". 

To insert this option in your response email template include code similar to the following (where inclusion of the {link_Comment} variable is the key attribute):

                                <!--$rvb$--><span class="reftLink">

                                <a href="{link_Comment}" target="client"><strong>Comment on the service you received in relation to this response</strong></a>

                                </span> <br />



Using the Evaluation star rating in your response email template

An option to include a star rating evaluation system in your response email template, and the Manage this question client interface function, when the question is closed, is available.  This section provides information about how to make this evaluation function work for you. Click here for details about what it looks like and how it is used.

The star rating option is only included for those Request forms for which you want to "Allow client evaluation" in the Request form design (this means that you can prevent the evaluation option appearing for some forms e.g. “Web site feedback”).  Your System administrator uses the "Allow client evaluations" option in Request forms Summary>Edit options mode>Other options tab to set this up.

Because this parameter is associated with each form by simply ticking the appropriate parameters, it is possible to turn this evaluation function on for just an audit period and then turn it back off again, should you wish to do that.

Tick “Allow client evaluation” in the Request form design to include the star rating evaluation option in the Response email for questions using this Request form.
You will then be able to determine who will be notified by email when evaluation comments are received, by ticking the staff permission levels that you want to receive those notices – the email can go to the staff member who provided the response, the Supervisor for the responding staff member’s location and if there are none for that location, then all Supervisors (Supervisors will only see ratings for staff of Regular permission level or less), the Active system administrator, any combination of these options, or none of them.  Note that emails are only sent to the selected parties if a comment is received (as the comment may require some action).  If the client just provides a rating without a comment, the rating is recorded for statistical analysis but is not individually notified to any of these parties.

This response evaluation system provides two new fields in the question record that are available for statistical analysis.

Evaluation rating – Controlled by the Evaluation rating code table that provides five ratings for the client to choose from.  This code table can be used to change the textual descriptions associated with the star rating e.g. for instance you might want to change “Excellent" to “Awesome”.

Any of the code table reports can be used to provide statistics in relation to these ratings from clients - just choose Evaluation rating as the x or y axis for the report that you want - for example a Code table by code table report of Request type vs Evaluation rating will give a good picture of client appreciation by type of requests you closed during a period.

Because Evaluation reporting is important to Request answering services, a standard "Evaluation rating" report has been provided at System>Statistics>Evaluation ratings.  It reports on ratings received during the selected period so is a good report to use in collaboration with the System>Statistics>Evaluation comments report.

Note that Evaluation rating information is only recorded for questions where the the response email has been sent and included the Evaluation rating option was included in that email ("No response yet" is recorded when the response email with Evaluation option is sent out).  This means that Evaluation rating statistics are in relation to responses where the client has been given an opportunity to provide an evaluation rating only.

Evaluation comment – a multi-line text field that the client can use to elaborate on their rating, if the client has provided one.  You can use the Data extract (reporting) report to obtain a summary of these comments as it shows the Evaluation rating and Evaluation comment in adjoining columns of the question that they refer to. However, because of the importance of this reporting, a specific report on Evaluation comments is provided at System>Statistics>Evaluation comments.  This is a very useful report for those wanting to ensure that all comments are reviewed in a timely fashion after they arrive.


Also Evaluation comments are immediately passed on by email to the staff member that you select in the Allow evaluation parameter of each Request form's Edit options screen Other options tab, so that any necessary action can be carried out as a result of that comment.  We recommend that you act on the comments as emails arrive.

Although Evaluation rating and Evaluation comment are saved in the question record, they can only be seen in the Details tab by staff who have permission to see them.  By default only Supervisors and above can see these fields in the Details tab.  To change this default setting for any staff member, go to the Functions tab of their signon and Grant or Deny “View client evaluation” for that user.

System administrators will need to decide which forms they will allow evaluations to be offered for.  The standard response email template (refm500) includes code for this option that ensures that it is only included if "Allow client evaluation" is ticked in Request forms Summary>Edit options mode>Other options tab for that request form.

To add this option to another template, add code similar to the following:


                                <strong><br />

                                Please click a rating to comment on the service you received in relation to this response.</strong><br />



The colour for the five lines of stars and rating names are controlled by the email.css file.


The {link-evaluation} variable described above inserts the five star rating block shown in the first screen print of this page.  That five star rating block is very good for increasing the number of rating responses you receive as it clearly advertises what it is and how easy it is to use.

But sometimes you don't want this evaluation function to be quite so obvious, or you just don't want it taking up so much space in your email template.  For those occasions you can use the {link_evaluationPage} variable which just inserts a hyperlink to the page that allows the client to provide a rating and optionally a comment.  Here's the page they are linked to when {link_evaluationPage} is used:






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