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Information Request Management System


USA   ·  1111 East 1100 North, Orem,
   Utah 84097
·  Phone: +1 888 982 9997
AUSTRALIA   ·  939 Barrenjoey Road,
   Beach, NSW 2108
·  Phone: +61 2 9974 2500

Staff interface manual: 
As at release 3.3.6 
(last updated 6 August 2019)


Who should read this manual?

This document provides the definitive description of the features and functions of the RefTracker staff interface, together with guidance in how to best use those features and functions. It should be read by ALL levels of staff using the RefTracker product as it covers everything they need to know about using the system, from entering the details of requests through to providing responses to them on time.

There are various levels of staff that use RefTracker and some levels do not have access to all of the functions described in this manual, so the manual covers the functionality available to all levels of users with notes as to which levels may not have access. Further your system can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific needs and this might mean that your system administrator has completely removed some of the features described in this manual.

Co-requisite: RefTracker Client interface manual.

Where to obtain updated versions of this manual?

As new versions of RefTracker are released, updated versions of this manual are made available. To obtain an updated version of this manual, go to:

If you would like to make a comment about how we can improve the next version of this manual, please send your comment to

Where to obtain assistance in relation to RefTracker?

 The RefTracker help system provides useful hints as to how to use RefTracker. It is accessible from the book shaped icon in the header of every RefTracker screen. When you click on the help system icon, it brings up help for the particular page that you are currently on. A header on each help page, provides access to all other pages in the RefTracker help system, and to these manuals, so use it to find helpful information.

If the help does not provide an answer, please ask your nominated RefTracker Supervisor or System administrator for assistance.

Staff functions

The RefTracker staff interface allows staff registered as users in RefTracker, to use its functions for recording and answering requests that come into your request answering service. RefTracker has been specifically designed for delivery of information in response to requests submitted to information delivery organisations like libraries, museums, galleries and archives.


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